The Founders of the Houston Heights inspired our own legacy!


While we were restoring our building, twenty years ago, a poet named “Saku” stuck his head in the door and said with a rather exotic dialect… “What great positive energy you’ve instilled here, and just the right balance of ionic charges that can be felt upon entering this tranquil eatery… ”

WOW! We learned early on, that we were responsible for serving more — than the best Hot Corned Beef Sandwich in Houston, we started a legacy!



We craft every sandwich, as though it were the only sandwich we were going to make. We could say that we’re “sandwich artists”…

We’ve dedicated our lives to making anything we do, right the first time. If it’s not, we’ll eat it… if it is, we hope you’ll eat it, and talk to everyone you know, and bring them in for a fantastic experience.

Time after time, again and again!

Word of mouth is our best advertising. That’s why we haven’t spent a lot of money, designing a fancy website… just enough information for you to know that we’re here, just for you!

Neil, Charles, Zena, Irene and Nathan.